Raluca Mateiu

When you work for many years in a company and practically grew up with it, when your colleagues turned into friends, when you believed in projects far beyond the inflexible professional limit, you come to realize that your path is the right one.

None of this would have been possible if behind it hadn’t been a whole team with the same enthusiasm, strength, vision and passion, qualities that bring people together. We don’t like to use big words because nowadays these are associated with personalities already considered PR-istic and fake. Well, my luck is different. I can state with all my heart that I work with some of the best people in Romania.

InternetCorp is and will remain a beautiful story. One with ups and downs, with extreme happiness and intense upsets, with events, launches, quits, gains and ambitions pushed to the limit. A personal and professional story for each of us. And one that certainly won't be stopping anytime soon. Because yes, we love raising the bar higher and higher.