Bucharest, February 17th, 2021

InternetCorp, one of the most important players in the Romanian publishing industry, announces the launch of IC Events, the newest business-to-business solution for hosting and attending online events.

The virtual platform features a special wizard that allows hosts to generate an event page completely on their own and it was developed by a team of experts with a 10-year proven track record of innovation and success in business & lifestyle events.

2020 was about adaptability and the courage to step out of the comfort zone in order to rebuild. After more than 10 years of experience in designing, organizing and promoting offline events, we naturally went to the next step – transposing them into the virtual environment, while retaining many of the features of the old model, so as not to deprive partners and participants from the complex experience that brought them together. We like to think that we have found an excellent formula that will remain an essential element in the mix of events even after life begins to resemble what we knew before the pandemic.” declared Raluca Mateiu, InternetCorp CEO.

The virtual platform could pave the way for your business towards building a community by offering you all the tools needed for private business meetings, showcasing new products or services, holding a press conference or a career fair, to name just a few of the events that can be hosted on IC Events.

I loved the platform ever since we started to implement it for our own events last year”, declared Liana Nicolae, IC Events Project Manager. “For us, as event organizers coming from a digital advertising background, it was the natural transition to virtual events. As more and more virtual events happened, we registered that the attendee number more than doubled, in some cases even tripled and we received very good feedback from both partners and participants, the networking area being the no 1 most appreciated feature in IC Events. We than saw the immense potential in our service and we built, with the help of our talented development team, a special tool to make it even more simple to host an event and take the next step towards the future in our industry, to full-scale digital events.”

What can you do as an event host on IC Events

The platform is user friendly to anyone, including companies hosting their first online event. Using IC Events is intuitive, fast and cost efficient for any business looking to expand, build or engage with a community. Users all around the world can create their own visual identity for the event, by simply uploading their logo and description on the platform.

Also, the host can easily generate an agenda and a speaker list or create visibility for the partners using the booths in the expo area and can create a presentation website which can be used for promotional means. Moreover, the platform features tracking key metrics to measure the interaction and attendees in the event platform.

The host has full access to the attendee list and the participants receive confirmation emails and reminders for the event.

Key features of the IC Events platform

The platform recreates the in-person event experience as closely as possible and allows hosts and attendees to connect with sponsors and exhibitors through digital content, webinars and chat tools.

Livestream, Videos & Presentations

IC Events offers the tools for presentation livestreams, webinars, workshops and debate panels, all presented to the audience on a stylish virtual stage design. Also, the platform can display pre-recorded webinars and share information in the form of documents, and presentations.

Social Lounge

The Social Lounge is the place to network with attendees using our built-in video service. Guests can take a virtual seat and build new, meaningful relations for their business. With 4 seats at the table, they can send invites & chat with potential partners or clients.

Expo Area with virtual expo booths

Discover our expo area where partners can be given an expo booth to showcase their products and services. One click on the partner logo will give the attendees the opportunity to explore the expo stand concept.

Networking & 1:1 Meetings

The attendees can connect with ease through one-to-one meetings. Any visitor can contact other visitors in the audience and exchange virtual business cards via email for following up later.

Various downloadable documents for attendees

In this area, the guests can explore effective insights regarding the themes that are discussed during the events. The attendees can download PDF documents of presentations, special offers or other assets. Easily keep attendees engaged using the community resources feature and continuously build on your community.

Discover everything that IC Events has to offer and see past & future events hosted on the platform here. Host an event on the platform until March 17th 2021 and enjoy all its features with a special discount of 50%!

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